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Congratulations on your commitment to the Partnership Course. It is an honor to share this program with you. You are embarking on a highly transformational experience!

Please make sure to read all the information provided carefully, the regulations within will determine the guidelines and binding agreements of your participation in the Conscious Partnership Group Coaching Program.


Cost: $444

Payment will be made via Paypal.

Any account not paid within 15 days of the invoice is subject to an administrative charge of $50 per hour as further set forth herein.


Please carefully review the following agreement.  All stipulations stated below are legally binding, and will guide your participation. If you have any questions please discuss before agreeing. 


This agreement is between CONSCIOUS PARTNERSHIP COACHING  and You is set forth for the purposes of outlining the terms and conditions for the CONSCIOUS PARTNERSHIP GROUP COACHING  that has been selected.

The  enters this Agreement understanding that the purpose of this Program is to offer in-depth, transformational education.

Also, to support The mind, body, and spirit in their journey through customized support, tools, resources, and practices.  


By agreeing to the terms, You agree that any actions he/she or his/her company takes as a result of the Course's, coaching, speaking, training or development are your actions and the your actions alone.  You alone, are responsible completely and fully for the outcomes, results and any liabilities that arise from taking those actions.

You waive all claims of any type whatsoever that you may have against the Course material, teaching, arising out of or in connection with any claims or lawsuits against the student or liabilities or damages of any sort incurred by the student related to any actions the student takes or decisions the student makes as a result of the Course input, coaching, speaking, training, or development.

Legality of Venture

The student represents and warrants to the Course and its owners that the execution and delivery of this Agreement and performance by the student of its obligations under this Agreement do not and will not violate any law, rule, regulation, order, judgment or decree applicable to the student.  Further, the student covenants to the Course and its founders that the student's business does not violate any law, rule or regulation and that the knowledge gained from the Program shall not be used for any illegal purpose.

Copyright and Ownership

The student understands that all material presented in the coaching process are copyrighted or licensed by the Coach. The Student promises that any notes the Student takes will be for the Student’s personal use only.  The Student will not publish, distribute or resell any of the coaching distinctions and materials without the prior written consent of Conscious Partnership Coaching. Furthermore, the Student will not attempt to coach other individuals by using the principles and methodologies employed in the coaching relationship without the prior written consent of Conscious Partnership Coaching.  


All Payments are Non Refundable. 



The Curse is non refundable to set forth a deep principle of commitment and follow through.


This Agreement shall be deemed to have been made in the State of California and any and all performance hereunder, or breach thereof, shall be interpreted and applied in the State of California.  The parties hereto hereby consent to personal jurisdiction and venue exclusively in the State of California with respect to any action or proceeding brought with respect to this Agreement.  

Any dispute arising under or relating to this Agreement shall be submitted to binding arbitration in the State of California pursuant to the rules for commercial arbitrations of the American Arbitration Association.  Any arbitration award shall include an award of reasonable legal fees and costs to the prevailing party. Judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction.


This Agreement contains all oral and written agreements, representations and arrangements between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and no representations or warranties are made or implied, except as specifically set forth herein.  No modification, waiver or amendment of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties to this Agreement.

If any provision or portion of this Agreement or the application thereof to any person, or party or circumstance shall be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, such event shall not affect, impair or render invalid or unenforceable the remainder of this Agreement.

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Foundational Course 12-Week STANDALONE

Finally! A way to dramatically shift your partnership without YEARS and YEARS of counseling!! 


Have you ever felt hopeless, repeating arguments or breakdowns. We have been there and have dedicated our life's work to supporting couples break these cyclical patterns.

This 12 week master course is the foundation to our powerful coaching practice when working with couples. 

For the first time we are offering just the course so that YOU can take advantage of our teaching and wisdom that we offer in our coaching packages that cost thousands of dollars in order to get our course. 

Take advantage of this now before it is expires as we are only offering this for a limited amount of people and time. 


What You'll Get:

  • 14 weeks of intentional content that will revolutionize you and your relationships 

  • SoulWork (Journal Work) for ever Deep Dive through this journey

  • Many additional resources to support your transformation

  • A completely life-changing experience that will transform you from the inside out.

  • Yoga, Somatic Practices + Other Bonus Content

  • A 5-step Process that is a Masterful Approach to creating Freedom to repeated cycles

  • How to create a Safe Container within a Partnership 

  • How to truly do Repair Work in Relationships

  • Understanding that Pain is our Master Teacher

  • and sooo much more 


This course is designed for you to do in your time - at your pace - in the comfort of your own experience. We send with this a course, a prayer, to help support you in having the courage to create discipline and honor your commitment to growth. You can do this!!!!

Take advantage of this offer before it expires

What People Are Saying:

"Rudy and Kelly are the most powerful, insightful & extraordinary team a person could ask for. It was only through their work that I was able to get to the root of my troubles and start taking appropriate action toward their healing & resolution."


These two are master troubleshooters at the core blocks to intimacy. And their approach is radically honest and kind. I highly recommend working with them if you are ready to take your life and relationships to the next level!

Bahia S.

"Individually, Rudy and Kelly offer emotional intelligence, spiritual wisdom and whole-hearted compassion. As a team they are an incomparable force, devoted to the work of healing wounds and forging greater and more dynamic love between couples. Together,,they exceed what any solo therapist has to offer by providing the necessary experience, strength and hope of overcoming challenges."